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"This firm tries cases. They’re not afraid to do it."
– Co-Counsel
"I’ll never find a firm that will take my personal needs more to heart than Rusty and his team.”
– RH&A Client

Personal Injury

Campos Family

We represented the family of a welder who was killed in a motor vehicle accident with an 18-wheeler in Jackson County, Texas. After a thorough investigation, we satisfactorily resolved the family's claims without filing a lawsuit. During the investigation process,…

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Rigby v. Dr. Keith I. Rapp, et al.

We represented the family of a 98-year-old nursing home resident who was sexually assaulted by a fellow resident. The perpetrator was mentally ill and had a recent history of sexually deviant behavior in another nursing home owned by the same…

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Durden v. Tully, et al.

We represented the family of a man who was killed when a reckless truck driver rear-ended his vehicle. Although liability was clear, insurance coverage was not, so we simultaneously prepared for trial in one lawsuit and battled the insurance company…

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Henderson v. Skier’s Choice, Inc., et al.

We represented the mother of a young boy who was killed in a ski boat accident. The product liability case against the boat's manufacturer was effectively proved when a company design expert admitted that the addition of a $40 piece…

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Guardado v. Nouri, et al.

We represented a woman who lost her husband of 43 years in a tragic and avoidable traffic fatality. Our client's husband was killed by an underage nightclub employee who was served alcoholic beverages until she was intoxicated. After leaving work,…

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Personal Injury Claims Burrell v. Eternal Health, Inc., et al.

Laverne Burrell died from complications of a punctured colon caused by a “colonic” procedure that she had received at a health spa. Our investigation revealed that the spa's  unlicensed employees used prescription medical devices in treating Mrs. Burrell, a violation…

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Zafar v. Minns, et al.

We represented the family of a 5-year-old boy who was killed by the driver of a large pickup truck. We filed a negligence lawsuit against the driver and the property owner. Despite a  previous incident in which another child was…

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Lyons v. Greater Houston Transportation Company, dba Yellow Cab, et al

We represented the widow and daughter of a man who was killed when a taxi driver ran a red light and broadsided the man's car. Investigators determined that the taxi driver was under the influence of an illegal substance. Although…

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Adams, et al. v. Bassham

We represented the family of a young man who was killed when a woman who had been drinking at a nightclub ran a red light and collided with his vehicle. We filed a lawsuit against the business based on claims…

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