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Public Figures & Institutions

Ken Anderson / Michael Morton

Former Williamson County District Attorney Ken Anderson was sentenced to 10 days in jail and 500 hours of community service in for hiding evidence to convict the wrong man of murder. As a special prosecutor in a court of inquiry…

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Jerry Eversole

Former Harris County Commissioner Jerry Eversole retained our firm to help him with a multi-year federal investigation into his friendship with a local contractor who did business with the county. Mr. Eversole was indicted on multiple charges relating to this friendship and, though…

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Houston Police Chief C.O. Bradford

Houston Police Chief C.O. Bradford was indicted by a Harris County Grand Jury on charges of aggravated perjury in connection with the use of profanity against another police official. The state alleged that Bradford lied under oath at a civil…

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Victoria Osteen

We represented Victoria Osteen in a personal injury lawsuit brought against her by a flight attendant, who had accused Mrs. Osteen of assaulting her after boarding a plane. The flight attendant sought both compensatory and punitive damages against Mrs. Osteen…

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Cathy McBroom

After United States District Judge Sam Kent sexually assaulted Cathy McBroom, she sought legal advice from several lawyers who each advised her to remain quiet about the assaults because he was a powerful federal judge. Then Ms. McBroom met Rusty.…

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J. Howard Marshall II

We served as co-lead trial counsel in the litigation and jury trial surrounding claims made by Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall III against the estate of the late J. Howard Marshall II. We represented Mr. Marshall's family-owned corporation…

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Lindsey v. TSU

We represented Cordell Lindsey, the former Chief of Police of Texas Southern University. In January of 2001, Chief Lindsey was fired by TSU because he was investigating a co-worker who was suspected of stealing money from the university. After his…

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Rice University

We regularly represent Rice University in various civil lawsuits, and they provide some of the more enjoyable work we do. There is a reason that college is primarily for the very young.

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Russian Academy of Science

We were hired to defend the academy in a contract dispute concerning the publication rights of the English-language versions of Russian Scientific Journals. The academy was sued in New York state court by a publishing corporation. The case was settled…

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Houston Independent School District

Investigated allegations that Sharpstown High School representatives altered records concerning student dropout rates.

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